How to (Not) Stay Updated on Internet Explorer

The latest isn't always the greatest- especially when we're talking about those pesky automatic updates to your Internet Explorer browser. Update at your own rate! We've compiled some simple steps to disable this feature on Internet Explorer (versions 10 and up). Open your Internet Explorer Browser, and access your Menu Bar (if your Menu Bar is not readily … Continue reading How to (Not) Stay Updated on Internet Explorer

Newly Released Updates

Hi Everyone, Over the last couple weeks, we have been rolling out updates to the Learn-Wise platform. We hope you will be able to join us for one of the three webinars we will be holding to walk through all of these changes. To register for a webinar go to, or email your preferred date … Continue reading Newly Released Updates

Learn-Wise Updates

File Transfer Protocol Changes We have recently added an extra layer of security to Learn-Wise, switching from an "http" to "https" server. Moving forward, your FTP URL should be formatted in the following fashion, where "your subdomain, “your folder,” and “your file” refer to the relevant items on your site: In addition, please do not include any … Continue reading Learn-Wise Updates