New Learn-Wise Features

Organize Learn-Wise with New Features

The latest Learn-Wise update includes great new features to help you organize and optimize your Learn-Wise experience—both for you and your users. These features are on your site now. Read on to find out more about Training Descriptions & Categories and adding new users directly to Groups and Sub Groups.

Training Descriptions, Categories, and Search

Improve search and discovery of Training Modules and Lesson Plans by adding Categories and Descriptions.

AND trainees can also now search Training Module or Lesson Plan titles by keyword.


Great! How do I use it?

Simply add these features on the Create Training Module or Create Lesson Plan page.

Look for these new fields:












You can create Categories in advance or “on the spot.” To create Categories in advance, use the new “Categories” sub tab under LMS. These Categories will be available in the “Select Category” dropdown menu next time you create new, or edit an existing training module.

What is the best way to use these new features?

  • Give it some thought and planning. You can always edit the Category and Description, but it is best to map it out first and avoid making changes later.
  • Keep it simple and concise. There is no character limit for the description, but aim for 1-2 meaningful sentences.
  • Each or Lesson Plan can only have one
  • For example, you might create categories for each product line, division or for training levels (i.e. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced).

Do I have to use it?

  • These features are automatically on your site, but they are not required fields.

Add User to Group/Sub Group when creating account

  • If you use the import spreadsheet, you can only add users to one Group and one Subgroup on the spreadsheet. Once the account is created, you can always add them to more Groups from the Accounts tab.
    • Groups and Subgroups listed on the import spreadsheet must already exist on your site. You can create new Groups and Subgroups under the Groups sub tab under Accounts.

Don’t see new features after an update?

Always clear your browser cache after new features are released.

Look for webinars on these new features soon.

Questions? Contact your Account Representative for more details.


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Customer Education

Why Use Learn-Wise for Customer Education?

  • Obtain real time data on customer demographics and preferences
  • Rapidly distribute company education materials, product information, news and events
  • Provide global 24/7 access to education materials
  • Ensure customers have a high-level of knowledge prior to commencing live education programs
  • Manage product compliance reporting requirements
  • Low annual fee for unlimited use



  • Customers provided direct access to sign up for the education site
  • Sign up form accessible through your website, via email or directly at the site login page
  • Decide what demographic data you would like to collect at sign up
  • Customers can be given immediate access to the site or can be placed in an “approval pending” status.
Automatic Assignment

  • Trainings can be set to auto-assign to all registered users
  • All existing and new users will receive these trainings
Customer Utilization Reports

  • These reports provide detail on all library content visited including:
    • Total views by Topic
    • Views by User for each Topic
    • Views by Topic for each User
Communication with Users

  • Send messages within your site that gets emailed directly to your users
    • Coming soon: ability to include images, logos, and attachments
Module Preview

  • When creating a training module the Admin will have the option to provide a short description
  • This description will appear when the user clicks on the Module name
Module Search

  • Users will have the ability to quickly find their desired Training Modules by using:
    • Keywords
    • Categories

Contact your Account Representative if you are interested in learning more about building your own Customer Education site!

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