Stay in Tune with Changes with the Learn-WiseGo Development Pipeline

Are you curious about what new features are coming to Learn-WiseGo? Have you suggested improvements, and you’re wondering when they will come to fruition? This information is actually available with just a few clicks any time you wish to access it. Infographic of Learn-WiseGo Development Pipeline You can find a link to our development pipeline … Continue reading Stay in Tune with Changes with the Learn-WiseGo Development Pipeline

6 days until the Learn-Wise Users’ Conference!

WHO: You, The Learn-Wise Team, and other Learn-Wise Administrators! WHAT: The Learn-Wise Users’ Conference WHERE: Hilton San Diego Bayfront on the 4th floor in room Sapphire 400 WHEN: Breakfast @ 7:30 a.m. | Conference @ 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. WHY: To network with your peers, learn tips & tricks, and see what’s in the future … Continue reading 6 days until the Learn-Wise Users’ Conference!

Tips & Tricks: User Management

For our last post of 2014, did you know that you can access any User’s account as an Admin? Note: This is accessible if you have the “User Management” privilege enabled on your Admin account. Simply click on Accounts > Users. Clicking on the username of any User takes you to their homepage and you … Continue reading Tips & Tricks: User Management

Meet Our Staff

Get to know our Magnifi team and some tips & tricks we have to offer!   LEARN-WISE TIP: Your Human Resources and Quality Control Departments may be interested to know they can take advantage of the Learn-Wise Platform to upload their necessary documentation. Since the platform is FDA-Part 11 Compliant, employees can review the material … Continue reading Meet Our Staff

Premium Credentialing Coming to Learn-Wise

In the near future, Learn-Wise will be adding a new feature called Premium Credentialing, which will expand upon Learn-Wise's current Sales Rep Credentialing. With Premium Credentialing, reps can upload and access their medical documents required for hospital entry, (Hep-B Certification, etc.), and receive reminders to re-take their courses, or replace expired personal documentation. If you … Continue reading Premium Credentialing Coming to Learn-Wise

Language Options for an International Team

If you  have an international team, look no further! Users and Admins can view Learn-Wise under 8 different languages, which include: English Japanese Korean Chinese Spanish French German Italian Translated items include the login page, tabs, training module certificates, dates, site navigation, and now the password recovery secret questions.

Increased Site Security with Secured Socket Layer (SSL)

There has been a big change to Learn-Wise that you likely have not noticed. Learn Wise has moved from an “http” to an “https” connection with the implementation of secure socket layer (SSL) for the site. SSL is a security protocol that adds an extra layer of communication security to keep all your information secure … Continue reading Increased Site Security with Secured Socket Layer (SSL)