Custom User Fields: How to Use Them, and Where to View Them

Whether you are training employees or customers, local or international, you may require more information from your users than just their username and email address. For example:

  • For employees: Who do they report to?
  • For physicians: What is their specialty?
  • For students: What subject are they most interested in?

In Learn-WiseGo, you can track that information with Custom User Fields. To start, go to Users > Custom User Fields, and click the orange plus sign to create a new field.

Name your new Custom Field, and then choose a Field Type. You can create:

  • Text Box or Text Area (free text entry)
  • Radio Button
  • Date
  • Check Box
  • Email
  • Drop Down
  • Number Entry

Choose whether you would like this field to be required or optional, and click “Save”.

You’re done! So, now that you’ve created a custom field and started to collect that data, where can you see it?

If you would like to see all your users’ answers in one place, go to your User List and select the check box on the far right to open the User Fields menu. Make sure your new custom field is selected to see and sort by your new user data. This data will also be shown when exporting your User List to Excel.

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Diving into Data: Customizing your Reports in Learn-WiseGo

Picture it: All your hard work has paid off! You have made your training modules engaging, motivated your users with due dates and gamification, and now you want to see just how they performed on those trainings. So how do you find that data, and make sure it’s easy to access when you need it?

Learn-WiseGo has a wide selection of standard reports, but with the My Reports tool, you can create customized reports that can be saved and accessed at any time with the most up-to-date data. There are two methods to create a custom report, and we will cover both below.

Method 1: Start from Scratch

From your Reports tab, select “My Reports” to view and create your custom reports.

From there, select “Create My Report” and choose a base view that you would like to pull data from. This can include Lesson Plans, Users and Groups, Certification, and more. Once you have chosen your view, it is time to start creating your report! Start dragging fields from the left menu to the list of Selected Columns, and watch your report build itself as you add in new columns. You can customize these columns further by adding filters. 

Once you have added and filtered to the information you need, select “Save as My Report” and give your new report a name. It is now accessible from the My Reports tab at any time.

Method 2: Start with an Existing Report

To streamline the process, you can use one of our standard reports as a template and save your changes to My Reports. Start by selecting a pre-existing standard report, and remove fields or add filters until the report fits your specific needs. You can also re-order the existing columns by dragging and dropping them into the desired order. From there, select “Save as My Report” and give it a new name.

This report is now saved as a custom report with your specific fields and filters, and can be re-accessed at any time with up-to-date data from the My Reports tab.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about how to customize your reports, contact your Account Manager for more information!

New Features Springing up in Learn-Wise

This month we are releasing updates which include many great features and additions to your Learn-Wise site! Here is a brief summary of what is coming:

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