Our Soft Skills Courses are live!

We are pleased to announce our new Soft Skills Courses. Your employees can dramatically improve their soft skills proficiency by leveraging high-quality soft skills learning content in four critical areas: Selling, Productivity, Communication and Leadership. Have a look at each course catalog and overview below. Your employees can enroll in the course series or in … Continue reading Our Soft Skills Courses are live!

New Year, New Courses

With the New Year, we are bringing you a new look and feel to all 12 of our credentialing courses, as well as making them more accessible by adding voice over! If you are a credentialing user, login to Learn-Wise and check out the first two updated courses, Bloodborne Pathogens and Operating Room Protocols. We … Continue reading New Year, New Courses

Premium Credentialing Coming to Learn-Wise

In the near future, Learn-Wise will be adding a new feature called Premium Credentialing, which will expand upon Learn-Wise's current Sales Rep Credentialing. With Premium Credentialing, reps can upload and access their medical documents required for hospital entry, (Hep-B Certification, etc.), and receive reminders to re-take their courses, or replace expired personal documentation. If you … Continue reading Premium Credentialing Coming to Learn-Wise