Updates are Heating up Learn-Wise

sun_iconSeptember is the last month of summer but that doesn’t mean that things stop heating up for Learn-Wise. We have a new build that will be released in early October.

Here are some highlights that we can all look forward to: Continue reading “Updates are Heating up Learn-Wise”

How to (Not) Stay Updated on Internet Explorer

The latest isn’t always the greatest- especially when we’re talking about those pesky automatic updates to your Internet Explorer browser.

Update at your own rate! We’ve compiled some simple steps to disable this feature on Internet Explorer (versions 10 and up).

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Learn-Wise Adds Support to Internet Explorer 10 and Safari 6

We have received many requests to add support to newer browser versions and we have delivered! On September 9, 2013 Learn-Wise launched support of IE10 (on Windows) and Safari 6 (on Mac). Our team has spent months on testing and implementation in order to provide a clean release, but let us know if you experience any technical difficulties while navigating the Learn-Wise platform on either of the new browser versions. Continue reading “Learn-Wise Adds Support to Internet Explorer 10 and Safari 6”