Learn-WiseGo is now live with Scheduled Reports! With this new feature, you are able to select a report to be sent directly to your email with the most up-to-date data, as often as you need it. So, how does it work?


Select your report. This can be a pre-existing report, or a custom report of your choosing. Make it your own by removing fields, or adding filters.


Once your report is customized, use the “Schedule” button at the top right to open the scheduling menu.


Enter an interval for how often you would like your report to send, as well as an end date, or number of occurrences. Then, add your email. Send this report to yourself, or a team- you can add multiple recipients by including a semicolon between each email.

Select “Save”, and you’re done! You will now receive your report as an Excel attachment via email according to the set schedule. You can adjust the frequency, duration, and recipients by re-entering the schedule window at any time.

Are you using scheduled reports for your team? Let us know how it has streamlined your experience!

2019 Learn-Wise Users’ Conference Recap

The Annual Learn-Wise Users’ Conference is a unique experience where attendees had the opportunity to learn more about Learn-WiseGo. Presentations included: Tips and Tricks for Mastering your LMS, Latest’s Enhancements and Integrations, Instructional Design Tips and more.

This year, we had a great meeting with a very interactive group. Those in attendance were able to network with fellow industry professionals, provide valuable user feedback, and got a first look at all the new features coming in 2019!

During the Users’ Round Table, the heterogenous group of 14 companies from 4 different industries, provided Magnifi Group with 20 new enhancement ideas that will help make the Learn-WiseGo platform specific to each company’s needs. With companies from the Medical Device, Food Safety, Cannabis, and Student Youth Travel Industries in attendance, we were able to gain a larger insight to the spectrum of usage. This feedback will allow us to proceed with developmental enhancements that will make the system unique and specific to our client’s needs.

We want to give a warm thank you to Laura Brown (DJO) who gave a very informative presentation on tips and tricks for instructional design! Thank you to Paige Otto (LIMA USA) who spoke on their integration with external video provider – Med World Live and to Brent Cash (Kushco Holdings) who shared some enlightenment on their SSO integration.

If you weren’t able to attend but would like to get more information regarding the conference, contact your Learn-WiseGo Account Manager!

Use Zoom for webinars with Learn-WiseGo!

Learn-WiseGo now offers Zoom integration!

Learn-WiseGo gives you the ability to host webinars seamlessly through your customized Learn-WiseGo platform. By integrating with your own webinar tool, you can use Learn-WiseGo to invite, register, and track webinar attendees – AND you can give them certifications of completion, eLearning tests, reward points, and surveys.

We have a growing list of supported 3rd party webinar tools: GoTo Training, WebEx, and now Zoom!

We love building value adding integrations. What tools are you using that you would like to integrate with your Learn-WiseGo platform? Let us know!

Don’t Miss It! – The 2019 US Learn-WiseGo User’s Conference is Just Around the Corner

Get ready, this is your chance to network with other Learn-WiseGo clients, improve your user experience and share valuable feedback and system improvements ideas with us. Come join us on Thursday, February 28th, 2019 at the Kona Koi Resort in San Diego, CA for our annual US Learn-WiseGo User’s Conference.

The 2019 Learn-WiseGo User’s Conference agenda is designed to ensure you get the most out of this one-day event. Topics discussed will focus on helping you get the most out of your Learn-WiseGo platform.

New Features:

We are excited to announce that we have added some amazing new features to your Learn-WiseGo platform. Join us to learn more about how you can maximize your productivity with new features like Super Groups and Group Managers.   

System Reports:

Make sure you are getting the most out of your system reports. Join us to learn how to create a customized report or schedule reports that can be sent to yourself or others as often as needed.

Tips and Tricks:

We want to share some tips and tricks with you. Join us to learn how to master your LMS and simple ways to make your eLearning content more interactive and engaging for your users.

Users Round Table:

Share your use cases and ideas with others and see what you can learn from other Learn-WiseGo client experiences. Join us and take advantage of the opportunity to network with other Learn-WiseGo clients during the Users Round Table discussion.

So Much More:

Other topics will include how to use additional tools to enhance the eLearning experience, new and upcoming Learn-WiseGo integrations, what’s coming in 2019 and so much more. Please visit https://learn-wise.com/events/ for a full agenda and to book your hotel reservation at the  Kona Kai Resort.

If you are interested in attending the upcoming 2019 Learn-WiseGo User’s Conference or if you have any questions, please contact your Learn-WiseGo Account Manager today!

Diving into Data: Customizing your Reports in Learn-WiseGo

Picture it: All your hard work has paid off! You have made your training modules engaging, motivated your users with due dates and gamification, and now you want to see just how they performed on those trainings. So how do you find that data, and make sure it’s easy to access when you need it?

Learn-WiseGo has a wide selection of standard reports, but with the My Reports tool, you can create customized reports that can be saved and accessed at any time with the most up-to-date data. There are two methods to create a custom report, and we will cover both below.

Method 1: Start from Scratch

From your Reports tab, select “My Reports” to view and create your custom reports.

From there, select “Create My Report” and choose a base view that you would like to pull data from. This can include Lesson Plans, Users and Groups, Certification, and more. Once you have chosen your view, it is time to start creating your report! Start dragging fields from the left menu to the list of Selected Columns, and watch your report build itself as you add in new columns. You can customize these columns further by adding filters. 

Once you have added and filtered to the information you need, select “Save as My Report” and give your new report a name. It is now accessible from the My Reports tab at any time.

Method 2: Start with an Existing Report

To streamline the process, you can use one of our standard reports as a template and save your changes to My Reports. Start by selecting a pre-existing standard report, and remove fields or add filters until the report fits your specific needs. You can also re-order the existing columns by dragging and dropping them into the desired order. From there, select “Save as My Report” and give it a new name.

This report is now saved as a custom report with your specific fields and filters, and can be re-accessed at any time with up-to-date data from the My Reports tab.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about how to customize your reports, contact your Account Manager for more information!

Announcing the Addition of Super Groups!

Magnifi Group is excited to announce the launch of our latest Learn-WiseGo enhancement- Super Groups!

What makes a group super? The ability to add other groups to it!

Super groups allow you to organize users into nested groups or a structure that reflects your company structure.

For example, let’s say your company is organized by regions. You could create Europe as a Super Group containing Germany, France, and Spain. You can add further groups within these countries. For example, in Germany, you could add Bavaria with user Michael Jackson.

All reports can also be filtered by group and this is where Super Groups really shines.

The reports will show a comparison by region or city. How is one country doing compared to other countries you ask? Filter the reports by the Parent Group and the data will follow.

Furthermore, with our upcoming advancement of Group Manager, your sub-administrators will have the ability to manage their own groups. With Super Groups in place, admin can manage entire regions of users without seeing other users within the company.

If you want to find out more on Super Groups or how you can utilize this with your Learn-WiseGo account, contact your Account Manager for more information!

Save the Date! – 2019 Learn-Wise User’s Conference

Mark your calendar for the upcoming 2019 Learn-Wise User’s Conference. This year’s User’s Conference will be held at Kona Kai Resort & Spa in San Diego, CA on February 28, 2019. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to meet your Account Manager and Magnifi Group’s CEO and COO.

Still not sure you should attend? The annual User’s Conference provides you the opportunity to improve your user experience, network with other Learn-WiseGo clients and offer us valuable feedback for system improvements and new features.

Improving your User Experience

We have been working hard to continually improve Learn-WiseGo since its launch in 2017. Come hear about our exciting new features and how they can improve your Learn-WiseGo experience.

Network with other Learn-WiseGo Clients

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to network face-to-face with other Learn-WiseGo clients. Share your experiences and best practices and get ready to benefit from what other clients have to share with you.

Share your Feedback

We want to hear from you! Your feedback is important and we always welcome ideas for system improvements and new features.

If you are interested in attending the upcoming 2019 Learn-WiseGo User’s Conference, please contact your Learn-WiseGo Account Manager. Be sure to keep an eye out for more information coming in 2019.