Need Help? More Online Support Resources Available!


We are pleased to work closely with our clients. That’s why we are always on the other end of the phone or zipping a response back to your inbox as fast as possible.

But, for the times when you want to look up something on your own, we can help.

We have a comprehensive support site filled with dozens of FAQ articles and Video Tutorials for both site administrators AND for end-users.

Need a reminder on how to import a list of new users using a spreadsheet? There’s an video tutorial for that.

User struggling with how to download his own certificates? Share this FAQ.

We also have several other specialized resources to help you with things like:

  • Planning your transition from Learn-Wise to Learn-WiseGo
  • Launching your eLearning program
  • Getting your Users started with the Learn-WiseGo App

We will be sharing these over the next few weeks, but if you just can’t wait, please contact your account manager.

Customizing the Welcome Message. Let’s Get Visual.

The Welcome Message is visible to ALL of your users. This is a great place to communicate important messages and add visual interest to your Learn-Wise site. Adding graphical content in your Welcome Message will not only freshen up your site, it can also boost your site usage.

In fact, a recent article in indicated that visual content can increase engagement by up to 85%!

Check out some of these great examples: (Reading this post in your email? View this post online to see the animated .gif.)

giphy (1)

Want to customize your own Welcome Message? Take these steps:

Customizing Welcome Message With Image


Not a graphic designer?

No problem!

We use free tools such as : Canva, Fotor, and Piktochart to help us out.

Questions? Contact your Account Representative:

Cate Gordon:

Sara Bostrand:

Kristin Leeman:

Visit for more information


How to (Not) Stay Updated on Internet Explorer

The latest isn’t always the greatest- especially when we’re talking about those pesky automatic updates to your Internet Explorer browser.

Update at your own rate! We’ve compiled some simple steps to disable this feature on Internet Explorer (versions 10 and up).

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