Customer Education

Why Use Learn-Wise for Customer Education?

  • Obtain real time data on customer demographics and preferences
  • Rapidly distribute company education materials, product information, news and events
  • Provide global 24/7 access to education materials
  • Ensure customers have a high-level of knowledge prior to commencing live education programs
  • Manage product compliance reporting requirements
  • Low annual fee for unlimited use



  • Customers provided direct access to sign up for the education site
  • Sign up form accessible through your website, via email or directly at the site login page
  • Decide what demographic data you would like to collect at sign up
  • Customers can be given immediate access to the site or can be placed in an “approval pending” status.
Automatic Assignment

  • Trainings can be set to auto-assign to all registered users
  • All existing and new users will receive these trainings
Customer Utilization Reports

  • These reports provide detail on all library content visited including:
    • Total views by Topic
    • Views by User for each Topic
    • Views by Topic for each User
Communication with Users

  • Send messages within your site that gets emailed directly to your users
    • Coming soon: ability to include images, logos, and attachments
Module Preview

  • When creating a training module the Admin will have the option to provide a short description
  • This description will appear when the user clicks on the Module name
Module Search

  • Users will have the ability to quickly find their desired Training Modules by using:
    • Keywords
    • Categories

Contact your Account Representative if you are interested in learning more about building your own Customer Education site!

Visit for more information

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