New Features Springing up in Learn-Wise

This month we are releasing updates which include many great features and additions to your Learn-Wise site! Here is a brief summary of what is coming:

Password Controls

  • All Users and Admins will need to adhere to new password control settings.

Video Streaming with Vzaar

  • Improve your video streaming with Vzaar integration. For those who attended our Annual Users’ Conference, you may remember this from Ritu’s presentation.

Audit Trail Report

  • This new report logs any changes to Learn-Wise made by Admins and Sub-Admins. The new reports also document the name, date, and action completed (created, modified, activated, inactivated, assigned, & unassigned).

Customize Mandatory Fields for Self-Registering Users

  • For those of you allowing Users to self-register for your Learn-Wise site, you can now customize the mandatory fields on the registration form.

Filter Inactive Sub-Groups

  • You can now filter through Active and Inactive sub-groups. By default, only active sub-groups will display in your sub-groups listing.

Lesson Plan Completion Email

  • Like Training Modules, you can now send a Lesson Plan Completion email to your Users upon passing the entire Lesson Plan.

Lock Training Module

  • Per FDA Part 11 Compliance regulations, we have added the choice to lock ALL training module fields to prevent editing after a user has accessed a specific module.

For a comprehensive look at each of these features, we have created a document for your reference that can be accessed by clicking this link: April 2015 New Features

Contact your Account Representative to set up a one-on-one webinar to review each of these features in greater detail!

Visit for more information

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