Custom User Fields: How to Use Them, and Where to View Them

Whether you are training employees or customers, local or international, you may require more information from your users than just their username and email address. For example:

  • For employees: Who do they report to?
  • For physicians: What is their specialty?
  • For students: What subject are they most interested in?

In Learn-WiseGo, you can track that information with Custom User Fields. To start, go to Users > Custom User Fields, and click the orange plus sign to create a new field.

Name your new Custom Field, and then choose a Field Type. You can create:

  • Text Box or Text Area (free text entry)
  • Radio Button
  • Date
  • Check Box
  • Email
  • Drop Down
  • Number Entry

Choose whether you would like this field to be required or optional, and click “Save”.

You’re done! So, now that you’ve created a custom field and started to collect that data, where can you see it?

If you would like to see all your users’ answers in one place, go to your User List and select the check box on the far right to open the User Fields menu. Make sure your new custom field is selected to see and sort by your new user data. This data will also be shown when exporting your User List to Excel.

If you would like to see what is up-and-coming in Learn-WiseGo developments, click here to see what’s next from the Learn-WiseGo team!


May 2019 – Learn-WiseGo is excited to announce our latest integration with YouTube and Vimeo! These integrations are video players located in your resource library in addition to Med World Live.

Like the Med World Live Integration, users can now watch videos from YouTube and Vimeo directly from their Learn-WiseGo library without ever having to leave the site. Neither you nor your users need an account in order to use these integrations as long as the videos are public- just provide the SRC embedded link. These integrations are part of the resource library so all video usage will be tracked back to admin reports. As the admin, you will be able to track how often your users are watching these videos.

Want to learn more or use these integrations on your site? Contact your account manager and they will set you up!

If you would like to take a look at our development pipeline, click here!


We have great news! Now it’s even easier to keep track of your user’s performance with our new Performance Dashboard Widgets. You can access these widgets from your System Reports > Dashboards tab on your Learn-WiseGo menu side bar. Furthermore, each performance widget can be pinned to your home dashboard!

Lesson Plan Completion Performance Dashboard Widget

The Lesson Plan Completion widget gives you an overview of the percentage of Lesson Plans assigned to users that have not been accessed, are in progress, have been passed or failed, or are pending review or e-Signature completion. They can be sorted by date of assignment or group. The graph format is easy-to-read and visually appealing.

Click the ‘push pin’ icon to pin this performance widget to your administrator dashboard for
even easier accessibility.

User Lesson Plan performance dashboard widget

User Lesson Plan Performance Widget allows you to quickly dig a little deeper into each individual user’s overall performance.

Select a user by searching for their name or scrolling down the list of users. Access user data by clicking on their name to see their User Performance Detail report.

Click on the ‘push pin’ icon to pin this performance widget to your administrator dashboard for even easier accessibility.

User Performance Detail Report

The User Performance Detail report gives you an overview of important Lesson Plan performance details for that specific user. The colorful, easy-to-read graph breaks down the Lesson Plan completion percentages. You can quickly filter by status to see exactly which Lesson Plans have not been accessed, passed, failed, etc. or by Training Module.

Like what you see? Keep an eye out for information on additional Performance Dashboard Widgets that will be added to your Learn-WiseGo platform soon. If you have questions on how you can get the most out of these Performance Widgets, contact your account manager today!

2019 National Patient Safety Goals is now live!

In keeping up with your hospital credentialing needs, we have updated our National Patient Safety Goals course in accordance with the requirements set by the Joint Commission. Each year, these safety goals are updated to help provide the highest standard of care for all patients. Each goal provides a rationale, for its basis of development, and elements of performance to address the best practices to achieve this goal. Here is a look at some of the learning objectives for this year:

  • Describe the appropriate patient identifiers for use within each health care setting, for the purpose of minimizing or eliminating medication and transfusion errors.
  • Describe procedures to correctly label medications to maximize patient safety, and prevent patient harm from incorrect, redundant, or unnecessary prescriptions through patient-record reconciliation.
  • Identify and address inherent safety risks in patient populations in psychiatric hospitals.
  • Introduce the Universal Protocol for Wrong Site, Wrong Procedure, Wrong Person Surgical and describe mandated pre-procedure processes their prevention.

If you are interested in adding Hospital Credentialing to your site, or have questions about our credentialing, contact your account manager to learn more.


Learn-WiseGo is now live with Scheduled Reports! With this new feature, you are able to select a report to be sent directly to your email with the most up-to-date data, as often as you need it. So, how does it work?


Select your report. This can be a pre-existing report, or a custom report of your choosing. Make it your own by removing fields, or adding filters.


Once your report is customized, use the “Schedule” button at the top right to open the scheduling menu.


Enter an interval for how often you would like your report to send, as well as an end date, or number of occurrences. Then, add your email. Send this report to yourself, or a team- you can add multiple recipients by including a semicolon between each email.

Select “Save”, and you’re done! You will now receive your report as an Excel attachment via email according to the set schedule. You can adjust the frequency, duration, and recipients by re-entering the schedule window at any time.

Are you using scheduled reports for your team? Let us know how it has streamlined your experience!

2019 Learn-Wise Users’ Conference Recap

The Annual Learn-Wise Users’ Conference is a unique experience where attendees had the opportunity to learn more about Learn-WiseGo. Presentations included: Tips and Tricks for Mastering your LMS, Latest’s Enhancements and Integrations, Instructional Design Tips and more.

This year, we had a great meeting with a very interactive group. Those in attendance were able to network with fellow industry professionals, provide valuable user feedback, and got a first look at all the new features coming in 2019!

During the Users’ Round Table, the heterogenous group of 14 companies from 4 different industries, provided Magnifi Group with 20 new enhancement ideas that will help make the Learn-WiseGo platform specific to each company’s needs. With companies from the Medical Device, Food Safety, Cannabis, and Student Youth Travel Industries in attendance, we were able to gain a larger insight to the spectrum of usage. This feedback will allow us to proceed with developmental enhancements that will make the system unique and specific to our client’s needs.

We want to give a warm thank you to Laura Brown (DJO) who gave a very informative presentation on tips and tricks for instructional design! Thank you to Paige Otto (LIMA USA) who spoke on their integration with external video provider – Med World Live and to Brent Cash (Kushco Holdings) who shared some enlightenment on their SSO integration.

If you weren’t able to attend but would like to get more information regarding the conference, contact your Learn-WiseGo Account Manager!

Use Zoom for webinars with Learn-WiseGo!

Learn-WiseGo now offers Zoom integration!

Learn-WiseGo gives you the ability to host webinars seamlessly through your customized Learn-WiseGo platform. By integrating with your own webinar tool, you can use Learn-WiseGo to invite, register, and track webinar attendees – AND you can give them certifications of completion, eLearning tests, reward points, and surveys.

We have a growing list of supported 3rd party webinar tools: GoTo Training, WebEx, and now Zoom!

We love building value adding integrations. What tools are you using that you would like to integrate with your Learn-WiseGo platform? Let us know!